Bulli Bai Case: Sulli Deals App Creator's Bail Rejected

17 Jan, 2022 13:45 IST|Sakshi Post

A Delhi court declined to grant release to Aumkareshwar Thakur, the designer of the Sulli Deals app, on Sunday, claiming that the probe is still in its early stages and that granting bail now would prejudice a fair investigation. Thakur, a 25-year-old Indore resident from New York City Township, was seized on January 8 by Delhi Police.

"The accused had purposefully utilized Top Browser so that his name could not be revealed," the court said in its judgment," and several complaints have been received against Sulli Deals App which is pending across India.  It went on to say that the investigation is still ongoing, but that the accused has been apprehended after extensive and time-consuming efforts and following the MLAT process.

As counsel for Thakur claimed that bail cannot be denied based on community emotions and that the accused has been subjected to a media trial, the court stated that at this point, it cannot disregard the unique facts of the case that show the severity and gravity of the accused's alleged crimes.

It is not just about emotions, it is about how the technology was exploited and the impact ultimately affected many people of the society. This cannot be ignored.

In July of last year, a demeaning smartphone app surfaced in which images of Muslim women were posted for auction without their knowledge. On July 8, the Delhi Police's Cyber Crime Unit filed an FIR under section 354-A of the Indian Penal Code (Sexual harassment and penalty for sexual harassment).

Another similar incident happened, where a Delhi-based woman journalist filed a complaint with the Police on January 1 alleging that she was being harassed and insulted on social media by an unidentified group of people through a mobile application called "Bulli Bai," which was created on the GitHub platform once again.

"Bulli Bai" included a lot of derogatory images of women, including journalists, students, and some well-known figures. Hundreds of Muslim women were offered for auction on the app. Niraj Bishnoi, the creator of the app was by Delhi Police on January 6.

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