BJP Corporators Slipping Away From Dharmapuri Aravind's Control

1 Oct, 2020 08:22 IST|Sakshi Post

The BJP, which is known for the ideological commitment of its leaders and cadres, is facing a difficult situation in Nizamabad. Several of its elected people’s representatives in undivided Nizamabad district, including corporators, ZPTCs, MPTCs and sarpanches, are making a beeline to the TRS. What more, this is happening right before the local body constituency MLC elections in NIzamabad.

The BJP has put up Potankar Lakshminarayan as its candidate. The total voters in the election is 824, of which the TRS already has 570 votes However, it is luring corporators from the BJP into its fold. Several Congress leaders have also joined the TRS. Now the TRS strength has gone up to 640.

Despite having a thumping majority, the party is eyeing BJP elected representatives. This is mainly to teach a lesson to D Aravind. KCR’s daughter and former MP Kavitha Kalwakuntla, who suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of BJP candidate D Aravind, is the TRS candidate and has comfortable numbers to win the elections. The TRS wants to lure as many BJP men as possible. Sources say that the BJP has already lost five corporators and will lose another five in the days to come.

Will Aravind be able to keep his flock together? Will the TRS lure more BJP corporators? Does the BJP have any plan of action to prevent defections? Let’s wait and see. 

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