BJP, Congress Women Leaders In Sex-Racket

4 Oct, 2020 15:14 IST|Sakshi Post

The major political parties  - both the BJP and the Congress – were left red-faced when some female members of their parties were found to be involved in a sex racket. The sex scam was unearthed in the Savai Madhopur district.  The racket came to light when a 17-year-old woman lodged a complaint with the police.

The kingpin of the racket is one Sunitha Varma, who is the Savai Madhopur district BJP Mahila Morcha president. She has since been arrested by the police. A stung BJP promptly suspended her from the party. The police also arrested three government woman employees and another woman. During the investigation it came to light that  Sunitha Varma has deep connections with Poonam Choudhury, who is a district level Congress leader. Both Poonam and Sunitha were trapping politicians and officials into their sex racket and were blackmailing them. Poonam Choudhury and her two woman accomplices are on the run. Poonam Choudhury is a Congress Seva Dal leader.

It may be recalled that a similar sex racket was unearthed in Madhya Pradesh sometime ago. Woman politicians from both the Congress and the BJP were found to be involved. Many of those involved are now languishing in prison.

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