Bengaluru Transgender Community Alleges Discrimination in COVID Treatment 

2 May, 2021 15:36 IST|Sakshi Post

The transgender community in Bengaluru has alleged that they face a lot of problems regarding healthcare for Covid19. They are discriminated against and left aside when it comes to receiving help. These people already face issues with jobs and other basic stuff, but the pandemic has hit them hard.

Most transgender people are into sex work or other such things for their livelihood. They are generally either not allowed into regular jobs or do not receive proper education to get into these jobs. These people are then left with no choice but to get into sex work or begging.

We already do not earn enough, but now the lockdown has left us in turmoil. There is no support from anybody, neither the government nor the social workers. Many of us are now mentally disturbed, said one of the transgender people. Amidst all that these people are facing, they now have to deal with discrimination in getting medical help as well.

Many transgender persons have contracted the coronavirus. But there is no proper record of it. The cases are not registered. These people are neglected and discriminated against almost everywhere, now with Covid19, the situation has become worse. We do not get proper attention at medical facilities as well.

While others get proper treatment and attention from the doctors, transgenders are ignored. When they contract the virus, a doctor doesn't need to pay full attention to their case. Many times, they will just receive a prescription and are then left to take care of their own health. This is not the case when it comes to other patients.

Even at Covid test centres, people wish to stand away from them, similarly at the vaccine centres. This is why they put a request to the government to help them with home vaccination but there has been no update yet.

The transgender activist groups are trying to provide as much help as they can, but their resources and finance have taken a hit. It would be really good if the government showed some interest in helping these people, but that seems unlikely, shared Akkai Padmashali, a trans rights activist.

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