Bengaluru: Shortage of ICU Beds, Ups COVID Fatalities

20 Apr, 2021 14:15 IST|Sakshi Post

The increasing Covid cases have caused the situation to worsen in the country. The hospitals are facing a shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders. Due to the shortage of ICU beds in hospitals, the country is witnessing an increase in the number of Covid related deaths.

If we look at the numbers from April 12 to today, over 400 deaths were reported just in Bengaluru city. Many deaths were recorded during the time that the shortage was reported. The situation doesn’t seem to be getting in control. Medical experts and other experts have said that an increase in the number of deaths is reported whenever there is a crisis regarding ICU beds.

This situation is a repeat from last year when Bengaluru was facing severe conditions in June. Many deaths were recorded when the city reported a shortage of ICU beds. In June, the numbers in the city were really high. These casualties are the people who are in critical condition but do not find beds in the hospital to be treated.

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The issue here is not just the hospital beds, but also the shortage of oxygen cylinders. Recent reports from the Bengaluru hospitals claim that the oxygen supply has completely dried up.

Karnataka’s health minister shared that the state does not use all of their daily manufactured oxygen cylinders. Out of 812 metric tonnes, only 273 metric tonnes is used. The hospitals are now in a state of bewilderment. The hospital staff has alleged that the Nodal officer is not responding to their concern. On the other hand, the nodal officer, Deputy Drug Controller Bhaskaran J said that he arranged the oxygen cylinders for several hospitals.

This situation has caused a problem in many hospitals. Patients are now under the critical condition as they are not getting enough oxygen supply. Many hospitals have several patients in serious condition but not even enough oxygen cylinders for half of them.

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