Bengaluru Private COVID Hospitals to Allocate 50pc Beds For Govt

8 Apr, 2021 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post

The Bengaluru government has taken a major decision regarding Hospital beds. From April 8, the hospitals will have to allow at least 50% of the beds to the government. The private hospitals are currently in confusion.

According to the report, the private hospitals will have to take in government recommended patients. The COVID-19 patients that the government refers will be admitted to these hospitals. The officials will take charge starting from April 8. According to IAS officer, N Jayaram who handles the allocation of beds from private hospitals, 50% of the beds will now be allocated to the government.

This means that around 5000 beds will be given to the COVID19 patients. This can be a problem in case of emergencies. If more than 500 patients require treatment for over 10 days, it will become a problem as there won’t be enough beds.

In the past few months, hospitals are facing a shortage of beds as the number of patients is increasing. This is not just Covid patients but also non-Covid patients. This has caused a major problem in the hospitals and created a shortage of beds.

For the past few months, there has been an increase in the cases and due to this the number of patients in the hospitals is increasing. Along with the Covid patients, the hospitals will also have to take care of the other non-Covid patients. Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of Manipal Hospitals Group, Dr Sudarshan Ballal said that you simply cannot neglect these non-Covid people. Their concerns are just as much important.

While all this is going on, the hospitals are already facing problems. It means it will be difficult for them to adhere to the government’s orders. Allocating 50% of the beds will cause problems. As is, the hospitals are facing issues with shortage of beds, allocation to the government will further this problem.

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