Bengaluru Factory Boiler Explosion Kills 2 Workers

24 Aug, 2021 11:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Two industrial workers were killed in a boiler explosion.

Bengaluru: On Monday afternoon, a boiler burst inside a food production plant on Magadi Road, killing two individuals and seriously injuring three others, two of whom were women. All five workers were thrown in various directions by the blast, which also caused the building's roof to collapse. 

Manish and Sourav, both from Bihar, were killed in the accident. Dhanalakahmi, 52, Shanti, 40, and MM Food Products' partner, Sachin, are among the injured. They are at Victoria Hospital for treatment.

According to preliminary findings, the incident was caused by an explosion in one of the manufacturing boilers. Sanjeev M Patil, DCP West, paid a visit to the site. 

"The departments will be to know whether the units have required licenses as per the rules. The Joint Director of factories and boilers department visited the spot along with FSL teams who examined the place of the incident," a police official stated.

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