Bangalore University Students Complain Against Vice-Chancellor, Venugopal

8 Apr, 2021 12:32 IST|Sakshi Post

When the House Committee for SC/ST Welfare visited Bangalore University, they were bombarded with complaints against the VC. The committee visited the University campus on Wednesday for a meeting where the students and staff had lots to say about the Vice-Chancellor Prof K R Venugopal.

The welfare committee comprised of 18 members was headed by MLA M P Kumaraswamy. They visited the varsity's Jnanabharati campus to discuss the welfare of SC/ST students. During the meeting, the students and staff were given the chance to speak and talk about their concerns. Everyone including the teachers, staff, students and others had complaints regarding the VC.

Kumaraswamy said that everyone had their complaints against the vice-chancellor. They claimed that under his command there were a lot of problems and concerns. There were no proper promotions given to deserving candidates. There were problems in the promotion of candidates.

The students shared that the vice-chancellor threatened them and forced them to not share anything. There would be consequences if they open their mouth. They alleged that the VC took advantage of his position and used his power to get away with many things. He took biased decisions and even infringed all the rules and regulations to fulfil his purpose.

Along with this, the committee even did an inspection. They went to the hostel and were alarmed by the condition of the rooms. It is a dangerous time and situation. While the world forced to practice social distancing, here at least 7 students are living in one room.

To discuss the complaints and other important matters, the committee will meet again at the Vidhana Soudha. They also ordered the varsity authorities to conduct a hostel committee meeting. It was said that a decision needs to be taken soon especially in the hostel matter as the conditions of the rooms are beyond pathetic.

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