Does BJP leader BSR Sriramulu Want Deputy CM Post?

19 Sep, 2020 13:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Key minister in Karnataka BSR Sriramulu is no stranger to controversy. He has been known for his association with the Gali brothers and for his controversial statements. His latest actions are now making waves in Karnataka.

With reports of a possible cabinet reshuffle in the air, there is heightened activity in Karnataka. Already, CM Yediyurappa is in New Delhi to discuss the cabinet rejig. Meanwhile Ramulu, who is already a key minister in Yediyurappa government, has gone to the Shahapura Durga temple in Yadagiri district.

Well there is nothing wrong in a minister visiting a temple, a famous one at that. There is a speciality in this temple. The devotees write their wishes on a slip of paper and place it at the feet of the Goddess. It is believed that these boons would be fulfilled. The slip placed at the Goddess’s feet read Sriramulu, Deputy Chief Minister. Now this is the talk of the town.

Does Sriramulu want the post of Deputy CM? Has he talking this demand over with Yediyurappa? What is Yediyurappa’s response? Does the national leadership of the BJP know this? Well there are many more questions. But, one needs to wait for some time to know what Modi-Shah-Nadda combine is thinking.

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