Aravind Kejriwal Reacts On BJP Demanding To Make 'The Kashmir Files Movie Tax-Free'

25 Mar, 2022 15:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Delhi Assembly 2022: Aravind Kejriwal on Thursday, 25th March, countered BJP legislators who demanded to make 'The Kashmir Files tax-free' in Delhi.

This came a day after BJP leaders in the Delhi assembly interrupted the ongoing budget session, demanding that the movie The Kashmir Files be made tax-free in the state.

As a counter to that, Aravind Kejriwal reacted by saying, "Keh Rahe Hain Kashmir Files tax-free Karo. Arre, YouTube pe daal do, free hi free ho jayegi. Tax free, kyun kara rahe ho? Itna hi tum ko shauk hai, Vivek Agnihotri ko bol do, YouTube pe daal dega. Saari picture free hai, saare jaake dekh lenge ek hi din ke andar."

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“They are saying to make the movie tax-free, upload it on YouTube and it will be free for all. Why do you want it to be tax-free? If you want this so badly, tell Vivek Agnihotri and he will put it on YouTube. Then it's free for everyone. Everyone will watch it in one day.”

Adiing on to it, he said, "Aaj saare desh ki saari Bharatiya Janata Party ek picture ke poster laga rahi hai gali-gali main jaake. Isliye rajneeti karne aaye the? Picture ke poster lagane? Apne bachhon ko kya jawab doge? Bacche puchenge, ppa kya kaam kate ho? picture ke poster lagata hoo... 8 saal kendriya sarkar chalane ke baad agar kisi desh ke pradhan mantri ko Vivek Agnihotri ke charno main sharan leni pade, toh iska matlab hai uss pradhan mantri ne 8 saal main koi kaam nahi kia".

"Today, everywhere the BJP leaders are putting the posters for the movies in every street. Did you come into politics to do this? What will you tell your children when they ask papa what do you do, say I keep posters for pictures. If a prime minister, after running a country for eight years, has to seek refuge at the feet of Vivek Agnihotri, it means he hasn’t done anything in his tenure."

"Kashmir panditon ke naam par kuch log crore kama rahe hain. Aur BJP walon ko poster lagane ka kaam de4 diya hai" he also added.

"In the name Kashmir Pandits some people are earning crores, and for BJP people they gave the duty to stick the posters of the movie."

However, the movie was made tax free in some BJP ruling states like UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

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