Will Shanmukha Priya Make Telugus Proud With Indian Idol 12 Win?

12 Aug, 2021 12:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Shanmukhapriya is our Parvathipuram girl. A singer who has enchanted music lovers and fans across the country with her melodious voice. She is in is in the final round of Sony TV's music reality show Indian Idol. Shanmukha Priya did her basic education from Sitanagaram in Parvathipuram.  

She has entertained music lovers with the sweetness of her voice by taking part in competitions like Little Champs, Paaduta Teeyaga and received accolades. 

Now, she is in the finals of the Indian Idol Season 12, Trophy which is all set to take place on the 15th of this month. Shanmukha Priya and her fans are appealing to the people of the district to vote for her so she can win the music reality show. Shanmukha Priya has an inseparable bond with the town of Parvathipuram. Her mother was born on Agraharam Street of Ratnamala town. She pursued interest in flute. Ratnamala married violin scholar Srinivas Kumar. Shanmukha Priya's grandmother was a teacher in Parvathipuram Municipal High School. Since both her parents were musicians, Shanmukhapriya developed a natural liking towards music and took to professional singing. 

Residents of the Vivekananda colony here say that her family had been living in Visakhapatnam for some years and then moved to Mumbai. You can download and vote for SonyLive and FirstCredit apps to ensure mana Telugu ammwyi wins Indian Idol 12.

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