Why BTS ARMY is Disappointed Over Permission to Dance on Stage in Seoul Concert

15 Mar, 2022 15:58 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: There will be no applauding, screaming, or chanting, as well as other restrictions for the army.

The South Korean authorities and Big Hit Music have issued rigorous rules for the army to follow at the BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Concert, failing which the concert may be postponed, altered, or cancelled entirely.

The BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Concert has been the talk of the music world lately, given that a.) the K-Pop group is arguably the hottest thing on the global music stage right now, and this will be the band's first proper, full-fledged in-live concert for their fans all over the world since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first lockdown.

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That said, despite COVID19 fading away and lockdowns all but vanished in most countries, the threat remains, and with that in mind, BTS management company, Big Hit Music, in collaboration with South Korean government authorities, has compiled a list of protocols for the ARMY (as BTS fans around the world refer to themselves).

In truth, not all of the regulations are linked to the coronavirus; Big Hit Music also released a list of dos and don'ts for attending the event in person in Seoul. According to the rules, loud applauding, screaming, chanting, or standing up is prohibited during the BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Concert.

Furthermore, even though the stadium where the event is being hosted has a capacity of up to 70,000, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of South Korea has imposed a maximum restriction of 15,000 people for each night of the performance.

Finally, there are some tight rules about seating placement. Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned orders could result in the Permission to Dance on Stage Concert being postponed, altered, or cancelled entirely, something no fan of the BTS members – Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM – wants.

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