Suga Becomes Best New Year Present For BTS Army

31 Dec, 2020 23:41 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

BTS member Suga who was on a recovery break came back with the band and it was just in time for the New Year celebration. ARMYs became emotional upon seeing him back on stage after a long time.

Suga attended Bighit’s New Year Live eve on 31st December and it was the best surprise for their fans, ARMY. Min Yoongi aka Suga performed “Life Goes On” with BTS on the NYEL and it was his first live performance of that song. He even delivered a speech during the event.

Earlier performances of the song, Life Goes On were either done without Suga or with pre-recorded clips of him. Suga kept surprising the fans with either appearing as a hologram or as a ‘Snowman.’ It was one of the cutest things that BTS has ever done as they didn’t forget about their brother and included Yoongi as a snowman in their 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun performance. Everytime BTS posted a group photo, they were holding a “Suga standee” in their hand.

Suga constantly kept reminding ARMYs and BTS members that he is there with them. Through his posts on Twitter and Weverse, Suga made his presence felt. He watched every single performance that the group did during his break and appreciated his bandmates.

Although Yoongi missed being on stage and was recovering from the surgery, he made sure he first cheered up ARMYs. He constantly posted on social media platforms and even did a livestream (vlive) just days after the surgery.

When ARMYs saw Suga performing on stage on Dec 31st for NYEL, they couldn’t contain their happiness as it was after a long time that they were seeing their idol, “Himself” on-stage and not through hologram or “snowman.” The fans as usual ended up trending his name on Twitter while ‘casually’ tweeting about him.

Suga attended the “Meet and Greet” interview, delivered a beautiful speech and performed Life Goes On with the band. Although Suga couldn’t take part in performances that involved dancing.

Earlier in November, BTS’ company, Bighit Entertainment posted an update about Suga’s decision to undergo surgery. The member had been struggling with his left shoulder ever since he got into an accident in 2012 (pre-debut). The decision to finally go ahead with the surgery was made after long discussions and advice from doctors.

“Fortunately, the surgery went well. My current state is painful, but my mind is quite relieved. I’m away for a while to recover as quickly as possible, but I’ll be back soon. It won’t be that long! Once again sorry and thank you, ARMY,” said Yoongi.

Before going for surgery, Suga recorded many videos, performances and even an unboxing video of their “BE” album. All this to ensure that his fans, ARMYs do not feel sad and do not miss him much during his time away.  

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