Samsung Trends On Twitter As BTS ARMYs Rush To Get Free Photocards

26 Jan, 2021 16:27 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

Indian BTS fans (Desimys, as they are called) are currently trying all that they can in order to get free photocards. Yesterday (25 Jan), news spread on Twitter that Samsung stores are giving away free BTS photocards. Each set contains 7 cards, one of each member.

This is not one of those get ‘free merch’ along with purchase of ‘Mobile phone’ scheme. Anyone can walk into the store, ask for BTS photocards and get them for free. This scheme is currently only active in India. Although few ARMYs bought something in order to get the photocards, most of the Samsung cafes and stores across India gave it for free.

How this news spread is still not very clear as it was not announced by Samsung on their official social media handles. But you know, one ARMY posted about it on Twitter and then it won’t take much time for the information to spread like wildfire.

Many ARMYs called up the Samsung stores and cafes in order to confirm the news. I am sure that Samsung Indian stores never attended to so many phone calls before. Many ARMYs across Jaipur, Hyderabad and other cities were able to get their set of photocards. Some even received as many as 4 and 5.

This is an amazing strategy on Samsung’s part as many visitors to their store today, will also take a look at the phone models. Fans who weren’t into Samsung phones before, might want to check them out now, as BTS are the ambassadors. Well, no matter what, both parties got what they wanted.

The brand got their promotion as ‘Samsung’ was trending in top 10 of India’s twitter trending list and many ARMYs now own official BTS merch. Some fans couldn’t get their hands on the photocards set as the store ran out of it.

Nonetheless, it was yet another entertaining day for ARMY stan-twt. From calling Samsung stores to getting free cards, to sharing the happy news, everything was fun. Those who got it and those who didn’t; everybody started sharing memes and made jokes. Everyone had the best reactions.

Take a look at some of the best reactions by Indian BTS ARMYs

Photocards are an important part of kpop fans and are very popular. These cards come along with the album. Most of the albums will only contain 1 or 2 photocards. So it is a trend among fans to buy multiple versions of the album and collect all the members’ cards. These cards are kept safely and are one of the most desirable merch among kpop fans. 

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