Rishaad, New Kid on The Rap Block

27 Oct, 2021 09:14 IST|Sakshi Post

It may not be a conventional norm to be truly genre-agnostic but for teen Singer-Songwriter & Rapper Rishaad, music has existed in the experiential, exploratory realm. Overdose of digital way of life in the pandemic, led this young debutant to his fortuitous affair with music and he’s just getting started. With 3 singles under his belt, he’s set to make a formal debut with his latest ‘club style’ melodic rap track - For You.

It’s safe to say that the pandemic was in a way a hot bed of realisations and ‘don’t wait any longer to go chase your dream’ resolves. While it may be difficult to imagine a teenager getting sick of the online life, this 19-year-old artist is today 4 singles old thanks to his distaste of the tech overload in the first lockdown of 2020. 

Pandemic induced experiences of separations, agony, fear, helplessness and amidst it human kindness, love and hope which was on display in all their shades, inspiring his writings. The thoughts that traversed from highs to lows, haplessness to happiness found their echo in Rishaad's lyrics. These lyrics and melodies eventually came together and the Geneva-born, Gurgaon-based artist found himself with an entire song at hand. This is when he knew that music is his true passion and he should pursue it as a career. Come December 2020 he received his first big shot of confidence when received a fabulous response for his debut single ‘Give You All’. Give You All was intended to bring positivity amidst the pandemic, while two singles, Not Alright (February 2021) & I’m Sorry (March 2021) talked about being kind and learning from one’s mistakes respectively. 

While all his releases so far have been in the space of Hip-Hop/Pop-Rap, a popular favourite of his generation, the artist views them without the glasses of genre-based descriptions. The aspect of spontaneity in these genres and connected pop cultures as also in life is another reason that drives him to create music, indicating the base motivation of the artist to be beyond labels. He wants to find the space for his own unique expression in every genre possible. 

Rishaad’s October 2021 single For You, is a song about giving in a relationship, to someone you love and adore. It is a song for people to take the first step and make the effort to do something special. It is encapsulated largely by the unmistakable Hip-Hop style, club sounds and entails melodic rap.

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