Korean Business Research Releases September Brand Reputation Rankings

4 Oct, 2022 16:42 IST|Sakshi Post

BLACKPINK continue to remain atop for the second consecutive month in brand reputation rankings. 

The monthly rankings for September have been released by the Korean Business Research Institute.

The rankings include K-pop boy groups, girl groups, solo acts, drama stars, movie stars, figures from variety shows, sportspersons, and more. These rankings are based on data points such as participation of and interaction with consumers, media coverage of the stars, and indices of community awareness from August 30 to September 30, 2022.

BLACKPINK stood first with a brand reputation index of 10, 134, 444. This made them stand atop for the second time. 

However, they have witnessed a significant decrease from their previous score of 13,628,329 for August.

Following them, K-Pop boy band BTS stood in 2nd position with a brand reputation index of 7,991,418 which is comparatively higher than the month of August.

And Celebrity soccer player Son Heung-min cemented himself in third place with an impressive increase of 23.63% in his score from 5,655,824 in August to 6,992,036.

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