Jungkook Extraordinary Lyrics for Next BTS Album Excites Suga, RM and Army

7 Nov, 2021 16:15 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

The global sensation BTS teased their new album. Fans have a reason to believe that new songs are releasing soon. The Bangtan members were working on new songs during the fourth episode of their variety show In The Soop 2.

In the episode, you see Suga and Jungkook going to the trailer to work on new songs. Suga asks JK to join him and takes the maknae to the trailer parked outside their mansion where the duo works on a new song. You can see how Suga has set up all the equipment inside the van to make a mini-vacation studio for himself.  

Suga cheered for his youngest member and told him not to feel too pressured. “We just have to write the chorus,” he assures JK.

“It's my first time writing something in nature,” Jungkook shared to which the rapper added that it is great working in such a place. “You can get so inspired here. I wrote so much on In The Soop (season 1),” said Suga. He then left to give Jungkook some space to work and instead sat outside the trailer where leader RM joined him.

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They both start discussing new songs, listening to the melodies they have been working on. “Don't you think this style would be good? It's trendy,” Suga asked RM while playing one of his new tracks, which was muted for us, the audience. NO SPOLIERS FOR ARMYS!!  

Their conversation suggests that we are going to get a track like Idol. ARMYs are excited and cannot wait for the new album. If BTS drops another song with “Idol” type vibes, it is going to be funky and hype. Since the band did not release any album in 2020, this year, fans are even more excited to see what the boys have in store for them. After this year’s releases ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ got huge success, especially Butter, all eyes are on BTS and their new projects.             


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