BTS Shares BEhind Story On Their Latest Album

13 Dec, 2020 16:47 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

BTS released a new video recently. The video titled BE-hind story, gives the viewers a thought into the making of their latest album. BE was released on 20th Nov and as we all know, this album was completely made by BTS. From the visuals to song, concept to packaging; BTS took part in everything.

The members have decided roles amongst themselves. They assigned roles for each member and then he will be the Project manager for it. For example, The MV was directed by member Jungkook, while Taehyung was in charge of visuals and Jimin was the Project Manager. It was said that Suga was responsible for album design.

In the video we see that Between BTS, every member takes part in the decision making process. Even with certain roles assigned to a member, everyone will share their opinions and ideas. The decision will be made after everyone’s agreement to it.

BTS also shared their lockdown routine. What they have been doing daily and how they are spending their days? The members can be seen talking about their daily life in the video. Seokjin said that their lives currently are similar to their days off. When they are not on a tour and are spending off time, this is what it feels like right now.

RM said that he has been taking care of his Bonsai and eating well, Suga has been practicing guitar, Jimin indulged in painting (he has been a good painter), Tae enjoyed good music, Seokjin has been resting well, Jungkook started learning about different kinds of beefs and Jhope bought a new phone.

Just like these little moments of happiness and daily lives, BE was made from their feelings too. What they felt during the lockdown, regrets over cancelled tour and longing to see their fans again. Everything came together to become BE. It is just like Jhope said, “the members have grounded their souls into this album.” 

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