BTS PROOF Album: 48 Tracks Are Greatest Hits of Bangtan Boys

13 Jun, 2022 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

By Devraj Bollareddy

BTS ‘Proof’ is a homage to their past, a token of gratitude for their fans and just a glimpse of what the future holds for them. BTS’ newest album rolled out just in time for their 9 the anniversary and is more than just a mere greatest hits album. Most artists after reaching a certain level of stardom compile all of their greatest hits into an album and release it but have BTS ever followed conventional norms when releasing new music? Although Proof is a greatest hits album, BTS has somehow managed to make this album release just as special as its previous ones.

The 48-track album contains every BTS hit from their very first album, up until their most recent one, taking fans on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing and celebrating 9 years of BTS along with 3 new songs that commemorate the present. The album also contains many demos and renditions of their songs that have never been heard before. The album was accompanied by the lead single, ‘Yet to come’, a song that certainly feels like a full-circle moment with the music video containing video montages of BTS ranging from ‘2 cool 4 skool’, their very first era, up until ‘Butter’ their most recent hit. BTS has a special relationship with their loyal fan base, the ARMY and this time, their collaboration with YouTube under #MyBTStory allows fans to share their BTS stories with the rest of the world. YouTube also placed monuments of #MyBTStory all around the world, leading fans to go on treasure hunts for these monuments and share pictures of them, making the release of Proof an immersive experience for fans and an exceptionally smart promotional tactic for the album.

The release of this album was somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster for fans as they reminisce on how far BTS has come, from being a K-Pop band to a global sensation, this album covered it all. The lyrics of ‘Yet To Come’ left fans hopeful and excited for the future as they thank their fans for being so loyal and promise that the best memories are the ones that are yet to come.

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