BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Theatrical Streaming in India Housefull

15 Mar, 2022 11:56 IST|Sakshi Post

In India, BTS PTD Concert Theatrical Streaming has a 90% occupancy rate, almost the same as the Kashmir Files.

On March 10, BTS performed in front of a live audience for the first time since the pandemic.

Several BTS ARMYs from across India gathered on Saturday to watch Permission To Dance On Stage - Seoul at a PVR theatre near them. Videos of BTS fans in theatres singing and dancing to the K-pop group's songs went viral on the internet.

On Saturday, the theatre chain offered two shows: a live streaming show at 2 p.m. and a later performance that repeated the concert. Because there were only two shows, tickets flew off the shelves, and the houseful banner was up in no time.

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In a media interview, Kamal Gianchandani, CEO of PVR Pictures Ltd. and Chief of Strategy at PVR Limited, revealed that the Permission To Dance On Stage-Seoul performance had a 90 per cent occupancy rate across the cities where it was streamed.

"Occupancy was 90 percent across the cities, in all the theatres where we played. The average ticket price was roughly around Rs 1200, and that’s the highest we’ve charged for any form of alternate content ever. 90 percent of the audiences in these shows were young teens, girls and women in the age group of 13 to 22. This is something you don’t see often," he remarked.

On being asked if the two events outperformed The Kashmir Files and Radhe Shyam, Kamal responded that the BTS concert and The Kashmir Files had the same level of attendance.

"The contents, in this case, are not comparable because The Kashmir Files and Radhe Shyam were playing in multiple shows, in a lot more shows as compared to BTS, but I would say that for Kashmir Files, it is a known fact that the occupancy was close to 100 percent across Saturday and Sunday. So I would say the BTS concert and Kashmir Files occupancies were more or less similar, and Radhe Shyam was a little lower than Kashmir Files and BTS. But like I said, these are not strictly comparable as Radhe Shyam was playing in a lot more theatres, in many more shows," he explained.

Even though Kamal did not go into detail about the income generated in India, Variety claimed that BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul grossed $32.6 million worldwide from 3,711 theatres in 75 countries. For context, the concert screening brought in more money in a single day than some pandemic-era Hollywood movies generated in their entire opening weekends," the report stated.

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