BTS Jungkook Composes Song For ARMYs And Does Mini Concert On His Birthday Vlive

1 Sep, 2021 10:58 IST|Nishtha Agarwal
Screengrab from JK Vlive

It is BTS maknae Jungkook’s birthday on September 1. The singer turned 24 today. JK usually doesn’t think of his birthday to be any of a special day but likes to celebrate it with ARMYs. This is exactly what he did yesterday night as he came on Vlive at around 10.30 pm KST and stayed till around 1.45 am KST singing songs, cutting the cake, and just enjoying his birthday with the fans.

Jungkook started the vlive more than an hour early and said he would stay till 12 that is when his birthday starts. He composed a song with the lyrics ARMYs wrote for him on Weverse. Early yesterday, JK asked everyone to leave a song lyrics type message and he will make a song out of it. The entire song-making session was so mesmerizing with JK adding pieces of different messages that were both in English and Korean and shaping it into a beautiful song. He dedicated the ‘unnamed song’ to Armys and will release it soon.

Celebration with Jhope and Mini Concert For ARMYs 

After that, he started singing random songs as it was almost 12 am. As JK was about to cut the cake, Jhope entered and showered his brother with hugs and kisses. He sang the birthday song for Jungkook, wished him, and left after that.

This is when the mini-concert started with JK singing songs recommended by the fans. It was a literal rollercoaster of emotions as he went from singing pied piper to mic drop to suddenly shifting to songs like 2!3! and Spring Day. What came as a surprise to the fans is that he sang ‘Paradise’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Sea.’ These are the rare BTS songs which the boys sang live. The Golden Maknae even forgot the existence of these songs. “Paradise is a BTS song?” he wondered.

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Looks like it is a win for all the Paradise and heartbeat lovers. This is the first time they heard it live. ‘Louder than bomb’ enthusiasts will have to wait a little longer. The Euphoria singer was enjoying so much that he didn’t want to leave. He looked tired as it was a late night. He kept saying, “this is the last song” for literally every song and finally ended the vlive with ‘Waste it on Me’. After 2.5 hours of joy-filled live, he said goodbye and ended it with hearts for ARMYs.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the birthday!! Happy birthday Jungkook! 

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