BTS Jungkook Breaks All Records With His Recent Vlive Session

8 Mar, 2021 14:36 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

BTS member Jeon Jungkook has been very active lately. He did a vlive stream yesterday which was filled with fun. This was Jungkook’s second live, in the last 10 days. Even when it was a sudden call, the singer managed to have record-breaking live-viewers for his stream.

Jungkook started his vlive and it didn’t take much time for ARMYs to join. The live session lasted for more than an hour and ended with 22.1 Million viewers. Yes, JK vlive had a total of 22.1 Million real-time viewers in the end. Along with that, it also garnered 21.8 Million comments in just an hour. This is the highest record by any artist on V-app.

There was a moment when ARMYs were only staring at an empty chair. Jungkook said he had to go to the restroom and excused himself for a moment. For a couple of minutes, over 10 million people were only looking at an empty chair.

The last vlive that Jungkook did was around 10 days ago which ended with a total of 13.5 million real-time viewers. Compared to that, his recent session got almost double of it. This shows the power of BTS and the excitement of ARMYs, seeing their favourite artist. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this live session was loved by fans, as JK gifted everyone with a new look.

The maknae started his live session looking all dashing in his now faded blue hair, which he called as Mint-Chocolate or “Min-Cho” hair. He wore a white T-shirt and topped it off with an amazing black leather jacket. Wait there’s more. Fans completely lost it when they realized that Jungkook’s tattoos were also visible, if not entirely but at least half of it.

ARMYs had a lot of fun with Jungkook, as the member kept playing different songs and singing along with them. It was like a mini-concert with songs from different genres and languages. Jungkook also spoke about his recently shared Dis-ease bridge.

He played Abyss by Jin, Blue Side full version by Jhope, Sweet Night which is V’s solo song and Filter which is Jimin’s solo song from MOTS7. Along with this he even played and sang ‘Jungle’ and Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber's, 10000 Hours.

It was a joyful live session and ARMYs had a lot of fun watching Jungkook being all happy and cheerful.

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