BTS Jimin's Heartfelt Note Moves ARMYs Hearts

3 Jun, 2022 16:28 IST|Sakshi Post

K pop idol Jimin returned to the social media platform Weverse after a long break and apologized to the BTS ARMY in a heartfelt letter. He had not been active on social media platforms for a while now. 

Fans were missing him, and the ARMY was super worried about him wondering if it was okay or not. 
The K-Pop singer came back to Weverse on Thursday, after returning home from the USA, and shared a letter for fans.

In the letter, as translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, Jimin addressed the members’ recent visit to the White House and meeting with US President Joe Biden. The Filter singer wrote, “ARMY, this is Jimin. You all have been doing well right? This time we visited the US. You’re probably going to be well aware of what event we took part in. Making us feel thankful and feel honoured for the fact that there are you all ARMYs from diverse races, countries, and cultures.. we were able to represent you all and amplify your voices by taking part in this event."
“Only, I wondered that me, who went there to represent you all, is still a lot inexperienced. I feel sorry for making you feel worried about my lack of experience at times. In the future too, I’ll put effort to become a more mature me in order to avoid making you guys feel anxious/worried," he added.
“I believe you all must be worried as I don’t visit you guys as frequently these days. I’ll come often," Park Jimin concluded the letter. The letter made fans emotional. While they rejoiced that the singer returned after a prolonged break, they showed him support by showering him with love.

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