BTS Dynamite Lyrics Used As COVID Warning By Mumbai Police

21 Dec, 2020 13:39 IST|Nishtha Agarwal
Source: Mumbai Police Twitter

Mumbai police Instagram and Twitter page were filled with fun as they used humor to warn people about COVID. This time the police took the help of Worldwide hit boyband, BTS. Lyrics from the band’s hit song Dynamite were used to spread warning about coronavirus.

The tweet had a screenshot of Member V from dynamite’s music video where he is seen singing the lyrics, “Bring a friend, join the crowd, Whoever wanna come along.” Mumbai police captioned this screenshot with lyrics from another BTS song, ‘Not Today,' along with the hashtags, #DynamiteDangersOfCoronavirus and #TakingOnCorona. 

“No, no, not today. Love yourself, stay indoors!” read the caption. The first line is a lyric from their 2017 song, Not today and Love Yourself an ode to their album series ‘Love Yourself.’

Many fans replied with laughter emojis to this. ARMYs had a good laugh and also appreciated Mumbai Police’s humor. However there were fans who did not find this post as funny and rather were scared of people taking it in a negative way.

With BTS’s humongous popularity, many Indian ARMYs feared that the locals would take it in a negative manner. The lyrics probably are taken in a wrong context by the general public seeing such a tweet for the first time. This might give the haters a chance to bash the boyband. 

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