BLACKPINK Lisa Beauty Secret Revealed

24 Sep, 2022 13:20 IST|Sakshi Post

BLACKPINK Lisa, the Thai rapper and singer is one of the most talented and most loved members of BLACKPINK. She looks like a living Barbie doll. She always surprises her fans with her fashionable attire. And Lalisa has flawless skin. Have a look at her daily rituals to maintain the glow on her skin and the toned body she has.

BLACKPINK Lisa is the baby doll of the K-pop girl group

She doesn’t like to wear heavy makeup 

Also, Lisa loves to switch her fashion according to trends

The only way to keep your glow is to cleanse your face always and Lisa religiously follows it

Moisturising keeps your skin hydrated

Lisa follows a strict diet and does many physical activities to keep her body fit. 

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