2020 Was Best Year For Desi Armys; Proves India Will Be One Of BTS Tour Stops

18 Jan, 2021 22:56 IST|Nishtha Agarwal

BTS weren’t as active regarding their promotional activities in India. Infact, until now, the band mainly focused on the Korean, Japanese and US market. They had regular schedules in these countries and all their major interviews were also done for news channels of these countries.

In December 2019, BTS released their schedule for the now delayed “Map of the soul” tour. It had regular destinations in US nations, Korea, Japan and other regular BTS stops. Even though they did not release the full list, it was confirmed that the tour will keep adding more stops with time.

The tour was to begin in April 2020, but got postponed due to the pandemic. During early 2020, that is in the month of January and February, Indian ARMYs were excited as they believed India will also be one of the destinations for the MOTS tour.

Bighit was doing what I believe is Market testing!

During 2020, Bighit Entertainment paid a lot of attention to the Indian market. The promotion of the album “Map of the soul:7” was done in India as well. MOTS7 which released in February was promoted on major music streaming platforms of India including Jio-Saavn, Gaana, Wynk and Spotify India.

BTS shared short promotion messages for all these platforms, starting their video with “Namaste India.” BTS even spoke about their Desi fans and said they were surprised to see the kind of passionate fanbase they have here.

There are Korean festivals and competitions that are held in India. For one such Korean talent competition in India, BTS even shared a short message. In the video, BTS said, they were happy to see the kind of response ARMYs give them and most importantly the impact of Korean music in India.

In October 2020, NDTV did an exclusive BTS interview for which they did immense promotions. They even shot a compilation video with fan messages. This was the first proper BTS Indian interview as they haven’t done anything like this before.

During the interview BTS shared that they know about their massive fanbase in India and also about the success that their song ‘Dynamite’ received here. The members said given a chance they will definitely like to come to India and meet their Indian fans.

Another milestone for Indian ARMYs as BTS graced the November cover of Rolling Stone India magazine and did an exclusive interview where they shared their experience and details on the journey to making the ‘BE’ album. The magazine was available for purchase in India.

Starting from MOTS7 promotions in February to Fila X Love Yourself collection launching in September to NDTV interview in October and Rolling stone in November. It was a good year for BTS Desi ARMYs. 

The market testing was successful as the album sales, streams and response from the Armys was good. So it is safe to say that India will surely get a date in the upcoming BTS tour. It could mostly be in cities like Mumbai or Delhi. 

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