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2 Dec, 2022 08:07 IST|Sakshi Post
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Adivi Sesh is known for his selection of stories. From Goodachari and Major to Kshanam and evaru, Adivi Sesh is known for picking good scripts.

Now, his much-awaited film— HIT 2 has released in theatres today. The film is directed by Sailesh Kolanu. Meenakshi Chaudhary is the leading lady in the film. Natural star Nani has financed the film under the banner—wall poster cinemas. If you are wondering how the movie is, here's the review of HIT 2.

Plot: Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) works as a cop in Andhra's coastal town of Visakhapatnam. He is in a live in relationship with Aarya (Meenakshi). Harsha Vardhana's unfaithful wife Sanjana gets killed in a gruesome murder. Krishna Dev is entrusted the resonsibility of investigating the serial murders. The killer keeps sending death threats to him. Who is the killer? Why he is he killing girls? How Adivi Sesh solves the case forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Adivi Sesh owns the film with his impactful performance. Adivi Sesh looks super cool in the role of KD. After HIT 2, people will perhaps call him KD. Meenakshi as Aarya is a ray of sunshine on the screen. Sesh and Meenakshi's onscreen chemistry is superb. The rest of the cast and crew do a fine job of elevating the film.

Plus Points:

Adivi Sesh performance
Engaging screenplay
BGM, Visuals, Editing

Minus Points:

Too much violence
Routine climax

Verdict: Hit 2 is a gripping thriller. If you are a fan of crime thrillers, you would surely love this. Watch it for Adivi Sesh.

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Sakshi Rating: 
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