Meet New Fitness Icon, A 83-Year-Old Woman From Chennai

22 Jun, 2021 16:27 IST|Sakshi Post

There is no age limit to doing exercises or following a fitness regime. In fact, a healthy exercise routine keeps you fit and happy. Promoting fit life and physical strength is a lady from Chennai who does weight lifting in her old age.

Kiran Bai is an 83-year-old lady from Chennai who has now become a fitness icon. She is known for her fit and healthy personality. Even at her age, the lady does regular weightlifting and works out at her home. Her videos shared on Instagram garnered lots of views and have now gone viral not just in India but also in foreign countries.

She follows a strict routine starting from warm-up, stretching, some training and then lifting 20kg weights. She ensures taking a break in between and maintaining safety. Kiran Bai doesn’t leave any opportunity to exercise. She will either stretch in the hall or drag a 44 kg load around the house. Working out makes me happy, she shared.

I feel so happy working out. It makes us so jolly. There is no age limit to working out, she said while sharing her experience. The fitness icon told that in lockdown there was nothing to do. Her normal routine was gone. She wanted to do something to keep herself engaged.

The weightlifter shared that during the lockdown, she also suffered a fall from the bed. Being at the age that she is, affected her a lot. Her body needed strength and energy. That is when her grandson, who is a fitness trainer suggested she do weight lifting and other exercises.

She started with light weights not straining her body too much and gradually upgraded to heavier ones. Talking about his grandmother and the routine, Chirag Chordia, the fitness trainer shared that, she has made unbelievable progress in just one year. She now loves lifting weights and makes it a point to follow the routine strictly.

About the video going viral, Chordia said that he is happy seeing so many people get inspired by it.

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