Karthika Pournami, Gurunanak Jayanti 2020 Today

30 Nov, 2020 13:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Karthik Pournami 2020: Karthika Masam is considered the holiest month among all lunar months in the Hindu calendar and falls in the month of November every year as per the Gregorian calendar. The Karthika Pournami which denotes the full moon in the holiest month of Karthik is very sacred to both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, is also known as Sarath Purnima and Tripura Purnima.

Karthik Pournami 2020: Pournami Tithi

The  Pournami Tithi began at 12:47 pm on November 29, 2020, and ends at 2:59 pm on November 30, 2020.

Karthik Pournami 2020: Puja Vidhi

On the day of Karthika Pournami, devotees should get up before sunrise and take a head bath. They should light lamps inside first and as per South tradition; a lamp with 365 wicks should be lit outside the house in the evening ritual.

Praying to lord Shiva, Vishnu is considered to be highly beneficial as this month is sacred for the both the Gods.

Taking a bath in the ocean or holy rivers is considered to have great results spiritually. With the ongoing Tundgabhadra Pushkaralu devotees can take bath in the holy river this 2020.

There are many other facets and significance of Karthika Pournami which falls on the 30th of November this 2020.

Lord Shiva killed demon Tripurasura on the day of Karthika Pournami. Hence, Karthika Pournami is also known as Tripuri Pournami and Tripurari Pournami.

The full moon day of Karthika falls on the Krithika star where Lord Karthikeya was born.

On this day Lord Vishnu donned the  Matsyavataram and killed Somakasura who stole the Vedas and hid in the Ocean.

Today also marks the birth of Lord Dattatreya.

Deva Diwali and Kumara Darshanmani are the names of this festival which falls on the Karthika Pournami

On this day ‘Rasalila Mahotsavam’ is celebrated. It is an auspicious day when Lord Krishna or Vasudeva redeemed the yogic Siddhas who were born as the Gopikas due to a curse.

As a symbol of the triumph of Lord over Tripurasura, women lit 720 wicks and performed the Bhakteshwara Vrata on this day.

As per Puranas, Goddess Parvati accidentally broke the Shivalinga on Mahishasuravadha and performed Karthika Pournami Vratam ritual to atone for her sins.

On this auspicious day, the people celebrated the ‘Jwalatoranotsavam’ out of happiness as Lord Shiva protected the world by swallowing the halahalam  (poison) released during the (ksheerasagara madhanam)  or churning of the ocean.

On this day, a festival called 'Vrishotsarjanam' is celebrated where a calf is aborted  to appease the departed souls. Moreover, this ritual that will result in the meritorious deeds equivalent to that as performed in Gaya a million times

The Akhanda lamp named Nandadeepam is lit on this day in Shiva temples on the Dhwajasthambham.

Under the Gooseberry tree, an idol of Lord Vishnu is installed known as Karthika Damodar and worshiped with lamps lit in the gooseberries.

Some people worship the holy Tulsi plant on this Karthika Pournami  day and light 365 lamps in front of the Tulsi Bridaavan.

Various Japa, Tapa, Deepadana, Poojadikas and Vratas are celebrated in the Saiva-Vaishnava temples as per the traditions of the regions across the country on the Karthika Pournami day.

Another important aspect is that the holy Karthika Pournmi is important for both the Sikhs and Jains as well.

Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, was born on this auspicious day of the Karthika Pournami. The 551st birth anniversary of Guru Nanak will be celebrated across India on November 30, 2020, Monday.  As per the Hindu lunar calendar, it is one of the holiest festivals for the Sikh community which is celebrated worldwide every year on the full moon day of the month Karthik. 

Jains, on this day, visit Palitana a Jain pilgrimage centre. Few devotees go to the foothills of Shatrunjay hills of Palitana taluka which is considered to be auspicious.

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