International Day of Happiness: Finding Hope, Motivation More Important Than Ever

20 Mar, 2021 16:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Choreographer Ashley Lobo urges people to take a few minutes to move and celebrate life

March 20 is celebrated as a day of happiness internationally. Through the ongoing global crisis of COVID-19, finding happiness, hope and motivation in everyday life have become more important than ever before. Indian-Australian choreographer and educator Ashley Lobo, who has taught the joy of movement to countless students at The Danceworx Academy of Performing Arts and Navdhara India Dance Theatre, says, “Dancing and surrendering to the rhythm of music is a time-tested way of feeling happier, no matter what the realities of life may be. Following the structured beauty of interconnected steps and immersing oneself in musical beats can help drive the blues away, clears blocked energy and calms and rejuvenates the senses. Even if you don’t think you can dance, just move your body. I would urge people to take just 15 minutes every day to just dance as if no one’s watching and see the palpable difference in how they feel!”

Dance is a simple way to connect with inner joy and it also improves cardiovascular health, increases stamina and boosts energy, says Ashley. He adds, “Dancing is known to be cathartic and helps reduce anxiety and stress. Even those who have not typically taken to a fitness-related activity can get fitter and happier by putting on a favourite song and letting it take over the mind and body. Dance works out your body,  conditions your muscles, improves balance and even boosts cognitive performance. And the best part is that anyone can dance! Just make sure that you don’t have health issues that require you to not undertake even a simple dance routine. For the rest, dancing is a great way to celebrate life and happiness every day.”

Ashley Lobo is renowned for his Prana Paint technique, a unique sensitizing approach developed by him that explores movement through yoga, breath, connectivity, and touch. This notable technique has put him on the international map and led to him being invited to teach and choreograph overseas. His choreographic style has a strong influence on cinematic techniques combined with a clear narrative. Lobo has to his credit, over 30 Hindi films and as many stage productions and has also been a judge on India’s Dancing Superstar on Star Plus.

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