Indulge in Green Cleaning This Festive Season

11 Oct, 2021 16:20 IST|Sakshi Post

It’s that time of the year when attics begin to get deep cleaned and old, unused vessels are given a thorough wash before they are stored from where they were removed. The festive season is a reason for most Indians to clean their homes thoroughly. However, the method of cleaning seems to have taken a small but significant shift; they are getting more sustainable.

A recent survey showed that 60% of consumers indicated natural products were more important to them than it was a year ago and 56% of consumers said they would switch to an eco-friendly brand, given a similar product experience as their current brand. Given this shift in lifestyle choices, it is likely that most people will also see a change in the way they clean.

Sangita Gopinath, a pet parent and the mother of a teenager swears by the small changes she is making, “I used mops with plastic bristles to clean my fans. Now, I have switched to an easier and more sustainable method. I wrap an old pillow cover around my fan blade and then remove it gently. The pillow cover removes all the dirt and also ensures that I don’t need to climb a ladder. I can just use a stick to put it in and remove it. The other change that I have made is to use an eco-friendly floor cleaner like Nimyle which is pet and child-friendly, this keeps the chemicals away from the floor and makes it safe for my dog to move around. I am also not throwing away the newspapers and books in the garbage, instead, I am giving it to the local scrap dealer who not just recycles it, but also pays me for doing so!”

So, how else do you make your cleaning eco-friendlier? Some of the below tips could help you stick to that goal:

Upcycle: Festive season seems like the perfect time to buy new cushion covers and invest in home décor, but what if you can re-purpose some things around your home? Turn those unused, out of fashion sarees into pillows that will complement your home and give your sofas the unique make-over it needs. To add some oomph to your decor, repurpose old vintage mirrors by cleaning them and painting the edges a deep gold or silver color. These can be used to keep knick-knacks or also function as a serving tray

Cleaning mirrors: Mirrors are known to create an illusion of space in your homes, but a dusty and spotty mirror will only make your home look clumsy and badly maintained. Ditch the chemical-laden surface cleaners and opt to clean your mirror with some vinegar and warm water. Mix the two liquids in water, shake them and spray it on the glass. Take some old newspapers and crush it, Use this to clean your mirror for a streak-free, fingerprint-free and clean mirror that will brighten your space up

Kitchen cleaning with lemon: The humble lemon that adds the tangy flavor to your food, is a huge savior in the kitchen as well. All of your heirloom copper vessels and glasses become squeaky clean and retain their shine when rubbed with lemon.

Use a chemical-free floor cleaner: Festive season warrants the need to deep clean each corner of our home. However, do you know that using heavy, chemical-based floor cleaners doesn’t just cause damage to the environment, but can also affect your pet and kid’s health when they come in contact with them? Instead, replace that with a natural action floor cleaner like Nimyle that has the goodness of Neem. Natural floor cleaners are equally efficient at cleaning your home and adding a natural fragrance to it

Neem leaves in your wardrobes: While indulging in festive cleaning, our wardrobes have some corners that our hands may not reach. These could become a breeding ground for germs and small insects. While cleaning out the wardrobe, it is important to leave a small pouch of dried neem leaves on these shelves or drawers. Neem leaves will ensure that no insects or bacteria ruin your clothes

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