This Independence Day Walk For Equality

26 Jul, 2022 14:49 IST|Sakshi Post

In the 75th year of Indian independence, an opportunity to walk for equality

"Seven and half a decades after India won its freedom, we invite you to walk for social and economic equity,” says Oxfam India’s CEO Amitabh Behar

The 10-day Oxfam India Trailwalker Virtual Challenge, in the run up to the Independence Day, begins from 5th August 2022

 As we celebrate the 75th year of Indian independence in the post-pandemic era, we are up against multiple challenges such as unemployment, poverty, hunger as well as social, economic, caste and gender-based inequalities. As a large number of underserved Indians struggle to access even their fundamental Constitutional rights, the question remains if those with more privileges can do something to give back to society. 

Oxfam India's CEO Amitabh Behar says, "It is not difficult at all to make a difference. Through the last editions of our Trailwalker Virtual Challenge, over 10,000 people walked in solidarity with the communities that had been impacted the most by the pandemic. The funds raised via their participation contributed to strengthening our Mission Sanjeevani project which then helped over 150 hospitals, 172 Primary Halthcare Centres, and 166 Community Healthcare Centres with essential lifesaving medical and diagnostic equipment." 

Additionally, over 55,000 ASHA workers in 10 states were imparted training and given safety kits. Oxfam India is also working to get children back to school, especially from the marginalised communities. With the prolonged school closures since 2020, there has been a wide learning gap due to the digital divide. We started Mohalla Classes to bridge this gap. After intensive tracking of out-of-school children in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, today 1166 children are attending the 51 Mohalla Classes in these districts. 

Says Behar, "The theme of this Trailwalker Virtual Challenge is #WalkForEquality and envisions an equal world. This Independence Day, we invite people from all over the country to walk in support of the most vulnerable communities. You can be a fitness enthusiast or a working professional, a homemaker or a student, but by walking for equality you will simply be a changemaker.”

 The challenge is between 5th August to 14th August 2022. The registration for the same has already started and will end on the 4th of August 2022. Registration details are available on Oxfam India's Virtual Trailwalker website. 

The #WalkForEquality challenge can be taken up to cover 100 KM, 50 KM, or 25 KM over 10 days, and participants can walk anywhere, anytime, and on any surface (trail, road, treadmill, backyard, park, balcony). Each joining contribution of INR 1000 will be treated as a donation towards Oxfam India to support its work on the ground. 

The Trailwalker Challenge has seen some of the most inspiring stories of ordinary people. When supporters came forward to walk and celebrate the challenge, they did it in their unique way. Be it a group of friends completing 100km within 24 hours or a Pune-based supporter taking the challenge on the roads wearing a traditional nauvari saree. There is no one way to walk the challenge and nor is there an age limit. The participants are as far as 75 years old to 10 years old. This virtual challenge is certainly more than just a fitness commitment, it makes you a changemaker and brings out the best in you!

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