How Lockdown Has Changed The Lifestyle?

26 Jun, 2020 12:25 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Reverse the wheel of time three months back where we all were not aware that something tragic is on the way. And the moment it arrives, life on earth makes a shift.

The arrival of pandemic pushed authorities around the world to impose a lockdown to save lives and to stop the spread of the virus. It seems like everything will be back to the normal after some time. And people started to make the quarantine days fun. But when the announcement of the second lockdown phase has been made, a wave of panic hits the people.

But being the smartest creature, we humans have evolved ourselves accordingly and changed our lifestyle to counter the impacts of Lockdown. We learned how to keep ourselves fit without going to the gym, men understood the load of household chores and started being a helping hand, and a sense of awareness towards good food and nature is born. The world has witnessed nature healing itself in lack of human activities which taught us that our narcissistic approach in our lifestyle had done severe damage to the environment.

Many things happened, but one thing that gave us the way towards a new lifestyle is the Internet. Well, the Internet has proved worth many times before, but now it’s the part of our new-normal daily schedule. It started with business houses allowing their employees to work from home in the Lockdown where cloud data services and video calls support the communication. And seeing the better results, companies like Twitter have given their employees an option to work from home for the rest of their life. Whereas, the search engine giant, Google has paid its employees $1000 each to buy essentials for a comfortable work-from-home regime.

Then the education sector has incorporated the power of the Internet, and educational institutions have moved to online classes for all the age-group of students. And according to the latest news, the online classes have boosted the sales of smartphones across the globe.

Digital concerts are being held in the music industry, and more and more lyrical videos of songs are being released on YouTube.

One more thing that people have included in their new-normal is online gifting. There are various online gifting portals which are active from many years, but they have witnessed significant growth in no. of visitors on their websites. The reason is apparent that people have missed celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory moments of their loved ones. Still, they wanted to share love somehow, and online gifting gave them wings. Keeping the change in lifestyle under focus; the gifting portals have started rakhi online service. As WHO has stated that COVID-19 will not end soon, such kind of service is going to be really helpful.

One interesting change that millennials are discussing is how their parents and grandparents are making a shift towards online shopping. Now they are enjoying the ease and convenience and the advantage of countless options.

We hope that the pandemic will end soon, but we do hope that the people should stick with the changes in lifestyle which are good for both humanity and the environment!

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