Corona Devi Statue Resembles Kollywood Actress Say Netizens, Vanitha Vijay Kumar Reacts

24 May, 2021 14:47 IST|Sakshi Post

In the midst of the raging second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a 'Corona Devi' temple has been built on the outskirts of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The temple was constructed by the Kamatchipuri Adheenam, a mutt. This is similar to the 'Plague Mariamman Temple,' which was dedicated to the deity Amman by the faithful seeking safety from the plague that struck the district about 150 years ago.

The temple contains an idol known as' Corona Devi. ' The 1.5-foot tall black stone idol has been consecrated at the temple in the Mutt area. Over the past 48 days, people have been praying daily for blessings to save them from the deadly disease. Now the photos of the Corona Devi temple are doing the rounds on social media. Corona Devi's photo has been compared to Kannada Bigg Boss ex-contestant Vanitha Vijaykumar by netizens. They say that Vanitha Vijaykumar has a striking resemblance to Corona Devi's idol. 

Earlier, Vanitha Vijaykumar took her twitter space and asked why everyone is sending her Corona Devi idol pics and memes. "Omg what is this? Everyone has been sending me these pics and memes" tweeted Vanitha Vijaykumar. 

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