What Made Korean Drama Squid Games on Netflix, Popular

28 Oct, 2021 13:45 IST|Sakshi Post

The popularity of Korean dramas has increased in the past few years. There are many reasons for it. ‘From Crash landing on You’ to ‘Vincenzo’, people are showing interest in these series. But a show that has taken the world by storm is Squid Game. It is now Netflix’s biggest original series of all time and obviously the most popular Kdrama ever.

It attracted more than 142 million viewers and is not going to slow down anytime soon. The show will only become more popular with more people showing interest in watching it. It is a short 9-episode survival drama. It’s not a new concept but still has worked well for the makers. The hype for this drama is surpassing giants like ‘Game of Thrones’ and others.


Well, of course, Netflix was smart with this one. They did not invest too much in marketing and advertising but built the hype around the show and its concept. It was all about Snowballing for Squid Game. From one person to another, this drama was being recommended by everyone, all over.

The happiest moment for any show is when people are talking about it. Squid Game was trending everywhere from Twitter to TikTok to Facebook and other websites.

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You will not believe but what created the most hype was the Squid Game memes. The “Would you like to play a game with me” memes to “take off your mask” memes, this show was everywhere. It created a curiosity among people.

Real Social Problems 

It was not just a survival drama, but the main focus was why these people ended up here. Willingly participating in such a deadly game, what was the reason? These people were torn, poverty, debts, and other problems led them to make such a dangerous Choice.

Many who participated in the games, had nothing in the outside world. No money, no family, just a big gang looking to kill them over debts. The heartbreaking concept was not just a concept, it was the reality of life.

Trust In K-Drama Concepts (Good Storylines)

Also, the reason for Squid Games’ popularity is K-Dramas. Korean series and K-culture have been gaining everyone’s interest. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many wanted to watch the series as the trust in Korean dramas has increased, binge-watchers have found the kind of storylines they were looking for. Kdramas gave them that. So they trust these makers to come up with good shows.

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