Rat's Painting Sold For Over A Lakh

24 May, 2020 16:31 IST|Sakshi

MANCHESTAR: Have you ever heard of a rats earning money and fame? Yes, they do! You might have watched the film Ratatouille, in which a rat named Remy aspires to become a culinary expert at a restaurant in Paris.Well, seems like he is not the only rat who had some creative skills.

Another rat named 'Gus', in England has earned huge money and fame overnight with his amazing painting skills! He has drawn a number of abstract arts and sold them to raise money.

According to reports of a national daily, Gus’ artistic skills were first noticed by its owner Jess Indseth, who saw a different side of the rodent when it was left to play with her art and craft set. The 19-year-old owner decided to bring in some non-toxic children’s paints, just to help her pet nurture its skills further.

Gus drew paintings on mini canvases using his paws, and the results left everyone surprised.

Jess sold the first art of Gus for over 1 lakh and later she started getting many orders from around the globe. She had sold 60 paintings of het little pet so far.

“I love his artwork and lots of people across the world too. I was shocked to find there was a market for rat paintings – but it’s amazing," she said while speaking to media.

Gus is Jeff’s fourth rodent, which she bought from a breeder in 2018. She also has other three pet rats named Boo, Dot and Eve. 

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