World's Richest Dog Owns Assets in Crores, Deets Inside

20 Nov, 2021 15:28 IST|Vyshnavi

Humans who are fed up with their lives often think that their life is worse than a dog's. But, do you know, after knowing about a dog that lives in Miami, United States, you would definitely feel that we should live a life like this animal?

This dog, named Gunther VI, lives in the costliest bungalow in Miami, US. It is the richest dog in the world and owns a huge mansion worth hundreds of crores. The dog inherited assets worth $500 million (Rs 3,715 crore) from its grandfather, Gunther IV. Gunther III of this dog family, died in 1992, inherited a $ 58 million (approximately Rs. 431 crore) trust from its last owner, German Countess Carlotta Leibnizstein.

Gunther VI became the richest dog in the world after the value of those assets increased day by day. Just after the last owner died, the dogs were taken care of by Handers. However, Gunther Vi has now sold the Tuscan Villa where he lived. This was purchased for $7.5 million by Madonna in 2000 and is now being sold for Rs 238 crores. 

The Tuscan Villa has nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and an outdoor swimming pool. Ruthie & Ethan Assoulin's, part of The Azoline Team, took over the responsibility of selling the house. So much so that the company manager, Ruthie, says, "I was amazed that the owner of this huge mansion was a dog. Actually, I could not believe it at first. When we first met Gunther VI, he came running and kissed me. I felt that he was willing to make a deal with us. "

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