Who is Dawood Ibrahim's Rumoured Girlfriend Mehwish Hayat?

29 Jul, 2021 12:14 IST|Sakshi Post

The underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is once again in the news for his alleged affair with a Pakistani actress. This actress is rumored to be his girlfriend. Mehwish Hayat, a Pakistani actress is allegedly in an affair with the underworld don.

It was reported that she desires to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. After Imran Khan, she would like to run the country. Hayat wishes to kickstart her political career and said that hopefully one day, it will happen. The 33-year old actress is inspired by the current ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. As of now, she is running her campaign only on social media.

Hayat clarified during an interview with Geo TV that she is not here to challenge or take on Imran Khan. Just in the sense that when the next election happens, there should be some competition. After him, there should be someone to take over the seat. Even I want to be one of the contenders for the Prime Minister’s position, she added.

Her Post on Twitter

“Time for hashtags and slogans is over, we demand to know what the government is going to do to change the system. Sexual and gender violence and other forms of discrimination in a society cannot be eliminated without changing society itself,” she wrote while questioning the ruling party.

She further took on the law and justice system in Pakistan and said that there needs to be stricter implementation of the rules. “Laws are there - we need to make the enforcement of the more rigorous and less traumatic for the victim. The judicial process in our country is so daunting, ineffective, and outdated.”

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Dawood Ibrahim and Mehwish Hayat Relationship

The alleged couple wanted to keep their relation, a secret but that didn’t happen as now it is out in the public. The underground don was not at all happy with this. According to the rumours, Dawood fell for the actress after seeing her in an item song.

It was first assumed that a powerful Karachi figure with connections to the Tehreek-e-Insaf party assisted Hayat in achieving quick success in the Pakistani film industry. Later, it was found that the individual was none other than Dawood Ibrahim, a powerful figure in Pakistan's film business with close ties to numerous directors and producers. He also helped her with big film projects.

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