Beirut Explosion: Blast Time Videos Break Internet

5 Aug, 2020 18:39 IST|Sakshi Post

BEIRUT: The death toll in two massive explosions that rocked Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, August 4 climbed up to at least 100 even as it left many thousands more grievously wounded. The shockwave, which almost resembled the after-effects of a nuclear blast, and the massive explosions razed countless buildings to the ground while thousands of houses were badly damaged. Several videos related to the incident have been going viral on social media. In a few videos, panic-stricken people were running out of their homes to save their lives from the large-scale blast.
In one video, a grab from an in-house CCTV camera, a father is seen taking his son by the hand and holding him tight, thinking that he would be scared by the deafening sound of the explosions. As the building trembled, he realises it was much worse than the sound that they were facing and quickly pushes his son under a table. Later, he too goes under the bar to save his life.

In another video, one can see a beautifully dressed bride, busy posing as part of her wedding photo shoot, almost blown away under the impact of the blast's shockwave. She is seen being escorted to safety a little later. The bride and her companions had no clue and all that they could do is run for their lives.

In another video, an African maid, who is seen cleaning the house floor at the explosion, risks her life and saves her owner's child.

Have a look at few other viral tweets with videos that captured the horrific explosion:

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