Viral On TikTok: Fitbit Watch Alert Proves Costly For Cheating Boyfriend

13 Mar, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Technology can be useful and something like Fitbit can surely help you if you want. But along with keeping health checks, looks like Fitbit is now keeping relationship checks as well. Yes, it is true. In a bizarre TikTok video shared by one of the users, the woman reveals how she was able to catch her cheating boyfriend through Fitbit.

The TikTok video went viral a couple of days ago and people are still busy making memes over it. This is an incident that took place in the UK. Tiktok user named Nadia Essex and her boyfriend had their Fitbit’s synced. At midnight, the fitness band flashed a congratulatory message for the man. It said congratulations on burning 500 calories between 2 am and 3 am.

This congratulatory message was shown not just to the man but to Nadia as well as their Fitbit accounts were synced. Nadia shared that this was the time her boyfriend said he would be out partying with his friends.  

This is when Nadia decided to end things with her boyfriend. She started a stitch on Tiktok. (This is where you can reinterpret and add to another user’s stories. Many are using it to share tutorial videos.)

Anyways, Nadia shared her story and said, “I got a notification on my Fitbit, the Fitbit that we had synced together. Between two o'clock and three o'clock in the morning, last morning, he had burned over 500 calories.”

Naida continued that it was early morning when she saw the message and this is when she was busy preparing breakfast for her boyfriend. She wrote on Tiktok, "I shoved that breakfast where the sun don't shine, darling.”

Many are convinced that the guy was cheating and encouraged the girl to be strong. Some were joking about it, while some were sceptical. One user wrote, “Wait, he could be dancing with his friends?” To this Naida replied, “I wish that was the case.”

Jokes are endless as another user wrote, “Remind me, never to sync my Fitbit.” 

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