Videos of Australian Parliamentarians' Sex Acts Inside Office Leaked

23 Mar, 2021 17:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Videos from the Australian parliament leaked some time ago in which we can see the government officials performing sexual acts and other things. This has left Australia’s ruling party in shame and has left Prime Minister Scott Morrison, speechless.

The staff filmed videos of them performing sexual acts in Parliament. They taped themselves having sex and even masturbating over a woman official’s desk. All these videos were later shared on a secret Facebook group chat. There were several videos and images shared on this group chat.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison commented on the matter and said that he is absolutely disgusted. I am shocked and disgusted, said the PM. Following the leak of the videos, all the officials involved in committing such an act were immediately fired. The Australian government and the prime minister are already under fire. A sexual assault case and the handling of it, has already left the PM under anxiety.

Brittany Higgins, a former staff member of Defense Minister Linda Reynolds alleged that she was raped by senior Parliament staff in 2019. There are other sexual assault cases as well which has already ruined the reputation of the government.

Before the videos and images from the FaceBook group chat were leaked by an anonymous person, it was already shared by Australian newspapers and a TV channel. The Australian public is fuming, especially the female lawmakers.

The anonymous insider who leaked all the footages shared details of what use to happen inside the Parliament building. He said that the government officials and MPs frequently used different rooms in the building to have sex. They even went to the prayer room and brought sex workers to Parliament. The insider also added that these MPs often shared pictures and obscene videos.

He further added that these men thought of such acts as awesome and felt they could do anything. I do not know if they have disobeyed any laws but I feel morally, it is wrong. “Morally, they are bankrupt,” he said.

The First Aboriginal woman in VIC parliament, Senator Lidia Thorpe shared a tweet and said that “Today I was asked by the media whether I had experienced harassment in my short time as a Senator here at Parliament House. The truth is, I have. Too often, with male MPs and Senators - and I've only been here for six months,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

“And to the Prime Minister: this is all happening on your watch. You are ultimately responsible. We don’t need more talk from you. We need you to ACT. We’re not going anywhere,” Thorpe ended the thread.

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