US Presidential Limousine The Beast: Things You Didn't Know About American President Joe Biden's Car

21 Jan, 2021 17:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Following the inauguration ceremony, Joe Biden has officially become the 46th President of the United States. This means that from today, he will be travelling in the Presidential car, ‘The Beast.’ The car is a specially designed limousine which is equipped with all the required safety features and is one of the most secure vehicles in the world.

It is an ‘Armored Limousine’ which was earlier used by former US president Donald Trump. ‘The Beast’ replaced the previous Presidential Limousine in September 2018, which was used by the then President Barack Obama.

As of today, Biden will be travelling in ‘The Beast’ which has a custom-built medium-duty truck frame design. The Limousine is equipped with amazing features which obviously is necessary in order to ensure the President’s safety. Known as 'The Beast 2.0' but codenamed 'Stagecoach.'

Check out some of the most astonishing features of the car:

1. The windows are made of bulletproof glass. These five-layered polycarbonate windows can resist any bullet. There is no handle or button to lower the windows.

2. The doors are 8-inch-thick and are super heavy. Various materials like ceramics, titanium, etc were used to build the vehicle.

3. The car is equipped with most of the protection weapons like shotguns, tear-gas cannons and other such security backups.

4. For emergency purposes, there is a medical kit, oxygen mask and even a blood-bag with the president’s blood-type and a defibrillator in the car.

5. There are night-vision cameras (gear) installed at the front and armor at the back. Even the diesel tank is armored. Special tyres are used that are puncture resistant.

6. The President and driver’s compartments are separated by a glass. Only the president has the authority to lower the glass.

7. The driver will have all the GPS tracking and other necessary features installed near his seat. He is well trained by the US Security service and knows how to handle any emergency evacuation situations.

8. The vehicle also has a satellite phone in it that is linked to the Vice-president’s office.

9. The convoy will have medical experts, security men, military personnel and others, travelling along.

10. There will be two such cars riding along the convoy. These identical cars are meant to act as distraction. No one should know which ‘Beast’ the President is in.  

11. Currently, License plate for the Beast reads '46' in reference to the 46th President Joe Biden.

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