Ukraine Crisis: Several States In US, Canada To Boycott Russian Vodka

28 Feb, 2022 11:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Russia announced war on Ukraine and the fighting has claimed dozens of civilian lives, forced hundreds and thousands of Ukrainians to flee west. Now, the news is that some of the states in the US and Canada have called for a boycott of Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits.

In the US state of New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu, on Saturday, announced that Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits would be banned from state-run wine and liquor outlets. 

The liquor stores in Canada are also removing Russian vodka and other Russian-made alcoholic beverages from their shelves in an act of condemnation over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. In Ontario along, all the products from Russia will be removed from 679 stores.

"The Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, along with other liquor jurisdictions throughout Canada, has made the decision to remove products of Russian origin from its shelves," the NLC Liquor Store said in a tweet.

Canada imported C$4.8 million worth of alcoholic beverages from Russia in 2021, according to Statistics Canada data. According to the reports, Vodka is the second most popular spirit among Canadian consumers after whisky.

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