Dog Turns Salesman At Hyundai Outlet

5 Aug, 2020 14:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Dogs are loyal and best friends of humans. Surprisingly, a stray dog got the job of a salesperson. Yes! You heard it right! Tucson Prime, a street dog was often seen hanging out near a Hyundai car showroom in Brazil. Very soon, the dog made friends with the employees of the showroom. Later, it was made an employee and was given his own ID Card.

A Twitter user Natasha A tweeted that, "A pooch always around the Hyundai showroom was adopted and stays at the showroom now. Such a nice story. Be kind. That’s all there is to be!" Here is the tweet.

The Instagram account of Hyundai Motor Brasil posted the photos and captioned it as, "More than pet friendly, we are pet family. If today is the Day of the Mutt, there is no lack of reasons and pets to celebrate! Meet the Tucson Prime the concessionaire's sales dog Prime Hyundai of Serra - ES. The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the Hyundai family, and has already won over co-workers and customers with his sympathy."

The canine has an Instagram account and it boasts of several cute pictures of the dog. The account has more than 30,000 followers. The dog has a lot of responsibilities like it helps his coworkers relax in between the hectic work hours.

However, this is not the first time that a dog has been adopted by the company. Last year, a Leon, a cat was adopted by lawyers of the company and it also received his official identity card.

Here are some of the Instagram posts from the account of Tucson Prime.

Obrigado Hyundai Brasil 🇧🇷 @hyundaibr ! Estou me empenhando ao máximo para ser o melhor funcionário da rede! Gostei do título de CãoSultor 🎖🐾🦴🐕 #tucson #prime @primehyundai

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Bom Dia ☀️ humanos e amigos PETs, minha casa está de portas abertas esperando por vocês #tucson #prime #hyundai @primehyundai @hyundaibr

A post shared by TUCSON PRIME (@tucson_prime) on

São 10.000 amigos, milhares de mensagens, presentes e doações (que meus humanos irão repassar todos para instituições que ajudam PETs como eu fui um dia) que tudo isso sirva para que muitos outros AUmigos possam ser ajudados. Obrigado PessoAU 🦴🐕🐾 #tucson #prime #hyundai @primehyundai @hyundaibr

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