Trump Wants Prez Poll Delay, Democrats Call It Fear Of Defeat

30 Jul, 2020 21:42 IST|Sakshi Post

United States President Donald Trump stirred a hornet's nest on Thursday with his sensational tweet, calling for the postponement of the US Presidential polls slated to be held in November this year. In the tweet that stunned all the political pundits across the world and sparked off speculation it reflects the mood in the Trump's camp, the mercurial president raised serious doubts of universal mail-in voting resulting in rigging of the elections and fraudulent results.

Also indirectly citing the critical COVID-19 pandemic times as the basis for his push, he suggestively said with a question mark to defer the prestigious elections till the time "people can properly, securely and safely vote." Put it simply, Trump is not happy with the high prospect of increased postal ballots in the November election due to the coronavirus scare. The president thinks this can lead to fraud and inaccurate results.

The tweet coming from no less than the US President triggered a wave of speculation amid premonitions that the Trump camp is actually looking down the slope in the wake of recent surveys showing the Republican president trailing behind the Democratic Party contender Joe Biden. As expected, the Democrats lost no time to tuck into Trump's tweet calling it a clear sign of fear gripping the Republicans of losing the impending November elections.

The Democrats, doing everything they can to make the most of Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus crisis in the country besides the recent anti-racist unrest over George Floyd's police killing, are hoping for Joe Biden's lead stretching into the next few weeks to upset the Republican apple cart. 

Politics apart, the latest tweet has also set off a nationwide buzz with ordinary citizens wondering if Donald Trump has already conceded the defeat. The demand for deferment of the presidential polls is also being seen as a ploy to avoid the ignominy of throwing in the towel sooner or later.

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