Suzhou: Siji Kaiyuan Hotel Collapse Claims Eight Lives

13 Jul, 2021 11:32 IST|Sakshi Post
Pic Courtesy: Twitter

A hotel collapsed partially in the Suzhou city of China, leaving eight casualties. Rescue workers were later looking for other missing people under the rubble. According to the information, there are around 9 missing persons.

The collapse happened on Monday afternoon. Part of the Siji Kaiyuan Hotel fell down. A team from the Ministry of Emergency Management was later sent for the rescue. The reason behind this collapse is still unknown and the officials are currently investigating it.

The hotel opened in 2018. It is now being said that at least 28 people are trapped. Cranes and ladders were being used for the rescue work. Even the earthquake rescue team is helping with the process. As of now, a total of 6 people were rescued.

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