Stingy Millionaire Survives On Cat Food To Save Money!

29 Jan, 2021 15:25 IST|Sakshi Post

People have different mentalities and here is a woman who eats cat food. My dear readers, don't come to the conclusion that she is poor. To everyone's surprise, she is a millionaire. Yes! What you read is absolutely right!

A woman named Aimee Elizabeth has a whopping net worth of $5.3 million. Just convert this into rupees and you will be shocked. Don't worry... We are here to help you out. The net worth of $5.3 Million translates into Rs. 38.71 Crore. Isn't it shocking to know that a person who has such a big amount eats cat food to keep her expenses low? A big yes.

Aimee, a resident of Las Vegas confessed that, "I keep my water heater turned off, I need 22 minutes to heat it up enough to get a shower so I turn it on every morning when I get up. I set it for 22 minutes so I know exactly when my shower's ready because God forbid I waste another minute on that water heater."  

One more weird thing is that the house in which she is living was given to her by her ex-husband after their divorce and Michael offers to clean the property for free.

The lady goes to another extent and consumes cat food to save 30c(Rs 4.50) on buying tins of tuna. Instead of buying tuna tins, she would rather eat a cat food labelled 'chicken and tuna dinner in light gravy'. She said that, "When I go to these extremes I think people see it and it annoys a lot of them but I don't care. It saves money." 

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