South Africa Doctor on Omicron Variant Symptoms, Treatment

29 Nov, 2021 11:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Experts at the World Health Organization warned on Friday that a new coronavirus strain discovered in southern Africa was a "variant of concern," the agency's most serious classification for such monitoring. It's one of the types that have the potential to spread swiftly. Previously, it was the Delta variation that was a source of concern, and it was designated as the variant that would compromise the vaccine's effectiveness. These variations have an impact on treatment and can result in severe symptoms.

According to Angelique Coetzee, a doctor in Pretoria and the chair of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), Omicron instances have presented with odd but minor symptoms thus far. "Their symptoms were so unusual and mild compared to those I had previously treated," she explained.

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The major symptom here is fatigue. The patients that come are really tired and have no energy at all. These people did not lose their sense of taste or smell, something that has been the most common symptom in Covid patients. Again with children, it has been slightly different.

If Omicron causes fewer severe COVID cases, even if the unvaccinated ones get affected but the symptoms are mild then, this could signal that the virus is approaching the endemic stage, where it will continue to spread but in a more controllable manner.

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