'Sorry Love, Ate Your Food' Messages Uber Eats Delivery Guy After Finishing Customer’s Food

11 Feb, 2021 12:14 IST|Sakshi Post

In a bizarre yet true incident, a Uber Eats driver ate up the customer’s order and later messaged her about it. Yes, it is true. The incident happened in London when a student placed an order with Uber Eats and was waiting for her parcel but all she got was a message.

On Saturday (6th Feb), a 21 year-old law student in London named Illy Ilyas placed an order for two burgers, chips and a chicken wrap worth $20 (Rs 1,456) from Bim's in Ilford. She used the UberEats app to place the order.

The student is waiting for the food to arrive. Even the update shows that the driver is nearby. But as Ilyas kept waiting for the order, the delivery driver messaged her saying that "Sorry love, ate your food.” It was a weird experience for Ilyas but she took it in a hilarious manner and posted about it on Twitter.

She shared a screenshot of the message sent by the Uber Eats delivery guy and captioned it “Is my ubereats driver okay????” Her message prompted people to share their own experiences. 

Ilyas later shared an update and said that when she opened the Uber-Eats app to check the status of her order, it showed that the package had been delivered. It even asked her for a rating and a tip to the driver, if she would like to.

Everything was later sorted out and she placed a new order, free of cost. As Ilyas got her food and was able to eat well, she didn’t raise a complaint against the driver. She found the whole thing pretty hilarious and said it was a fun experience.

Ilyas told a leading English daily that maybe the driver was hungry. She didn’t want to be the reason behind an innocent man losing his job and that in a pandemic. Ilyas was only happy that the food was eaten by someone and didn’t go to waste.

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