Prizy Catch! Thailand Fishermen Turns Millionaire After Finding Orange Pearl At Sea

7 Feb, 2021 14:59 IST|Sakshi Post

In a very lucky catch, a Thai fisherman stumbled upon a shell holding a rare pearl at the Koh Phet beach. A 37-year-old fisherman, Hatchai Niyomdecha and his brother were able to get their hands on the Melo Pearl, which is one of the most precious and expensive natural pearls.

Niyomdecha found the pearl attached to a float ball that had washed ashore. Niyomdecha and his brother together tried to determine what pearl it was. When Niyomdecha (37) found the ball and three shells attached to it, he immediately called his brother Worachat Niyomdecha (35) to show it to him.

After taking the shells home and upon cleaning the pearl, the family realized it was something rare. It was the father, Bangmad Niyomdecha (60) who actually cleaned the shell and revealed the details of their find to the family. They found an orange pearl. It was later reported that the pearl was worth Rs 2 crore ($330,000). The pearl weighs about 7.68 grams.

The fisherman Hatchai believes that this find was his destiny and an act of kindness from above. Hatchai said that, days before he found the pearl, he saw a dream in which an old man with a white mustache told Hatchai to go to the beach. The old man in his dream said that Hatchai would find a gift at the beach. It was all destiny and fate, Hatchai believes.

The pearl can be sold for more than Rs. 2 crore. Hatchai is trying to get the best deal for it. He says that thanks to the pearl, the family can now live in a better manner. The money won’t completely change Hatchai’s life but help the whole family.

As of now, Hatchai received different offers from three different buyers. Out of these, a buyer from China is ready to pay $332,000 for the rare orange pearl.

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